Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Throughly Angry Thursday!

Mes hissing Mad!!!
First...Mommy was home late from work.
Then...instead of cuddling mes when she gotted home (like wes usually does) she told mes she was hot and needed a shower because her office was a sauna!

Mes YELLED at her, but she just went in the bathroom anyway.
Mes jumped off the bed and came in the bathroom to yells at her some more!
Mes sat on the mat and YELLED that mes wanted my cuddles and Mommy reached over mes

She opened the shower door and turned the handle for the water!

The shower head was turned towards the door and Mommy and mes gotted soaked with COLD water!
Mes is NOT going to lets her gets away with it!!!!
Mes is sulking!!!

 What does YOUS thinks mes should do?

Monday, 27 March 2017

Thoughtful Tuesday!

Mommy and mes was talking when she came home from work and mes was looking at the flowers wes has on the mantelpiece. 

And while we were talking, the dragonfly decoration falled onto the floor! 
Mes leaped off the chair and pounced on it and shook it too bits!!!

Mes actually very gingerly slid off the chair onto the floor tip toed over and sniffed it, 
but in the OLD DAYS mes would has done what mes thinked about!!!

Mes hopes yous enjoys my Gift #55!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Day after the Bacon Harvest Selfie

Mes had a furry fun (and tiring) day yesterday.
Angel Sammy and his brother Teddy was so nice totakes me around on a wagon full of blankets and mes gotted to sees so many furrends!

AND mes saw Teddy be crowned the King of Baconia!

When mes gotted home, mes crawled into my heated bed.  
And when Mommy asked mes if mes would takes my selfie,
Mes ignored her...

Does yous guys ignore your humans?
Mommy gotted miffed!
She said , Nellie Bellie!!! Look at the camera and I will push the button.

Why? Mes whined...
Because your furrends want to see your beautiful face! Said Mommy.

OK! Mes is sending MANY KISSES!!!

And mes Pawticipating In The Cat On My Head's Selfie Sunday!
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Love your Nellie Bellie!

Now for my gift # 54